Who We Are

Ukrainian Centre for Aerial Reconnaissance is a volunteer organization that has organized specialized training of air reconnaissance professionals since January 2015. The first individual practice sessions were taught in October 2014, and in January 2015 the first group started their regular training with the Centre.

Our Centre offers a course that includes lectures on theory and actual flight practice on multicopters and gliders. Before trying a real drone, the trainees practice their skills on computer simulators.

The Centre was created and continues its growth with the help of National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and NaUKMA Alumni Association. The team of the Centre includes around ten lecturers, instructors and coordinators.

навчання курсантів Центру

Approximately two groups of Ukrainian warriors complete our course each month. The Centre also raised funds and acquired four drones for the best students whose military units could not afford provide them with the necessary equipment.

Our course lasts for about a month. During this period students attend lectures on aerodynamics and military topography, are introduced into operation of drones, radio links and other related subjects and participate in the flight practice on copters and gliders. Please visit our YouTube channel to see videos from our training flights and interviews with our team members. Please also read our latest news in the Blog section of this website (in Ukrainian language) and on our Facebook page.